Introduce Your Children To What I Discovered On The Bike Tour…

Introduce your children to what I discovered on the bike tour.

An ancient adivasi community called Dambana Vedi village is unique. There aren’t many of them around anymore. Not just in the province of Uva but throughout the entire nation, Dambane Vedi village is a truly unique travel destination. The Vedi tribe hails from a very old past and is the pride of Sri Lankan heritage. The Vedi tribe predates Prince Vijaya’s arrival in the fifth century BC, according to archeological evidence. This is where you can see the different signs that our ancient ancestors used for both animal hunting and other purposes. A few of those markers are now present on this page.

Researchers studying the social sciences, anthropology, and history will find great value in these antiquated symbols. Make sure your kids are aware of this information.


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